Joe McDermott is a leader in Washington state for expanding and enhancing regional transit and our transportation infrastructure.

7th District residents live in one of the most congested metropolitan regions in the country. Joe will continue delivering results to reduce congestion and promote equitable development of transportation infrastructure that creates jobs, increases access to employment and education opportunities and delivers safe, multi-modal options for families to have a sound quality of life no matter where they live.

“…the King County Council resolved to find some relief for those who depend on affordable public transportation. The opportunity to get to school, employment and services affordably provides pathways for residents to thrive.” – Councilmembers McDermott, Gossett and Philips, February 24, 2015


Joe has delivered

✔ As a Sound Transit Board Member, Joe is leading the region in expanding light rail and transit options to ease traffic congestion, getting people home to their families more quickly and allowing businesses to get goods and services around the region more efficiently.

✔ Saved King County Metro transit services during the toughest times of the Great Recession and massive budget shortfalls.

✔ Created a low income transit fare, Orca Lift at $1.50, to ensure all residents have equitable transportation options to access to work, school, health care and more.

✔ Fought for and delivered funding to replace the South Park Bridge, a key freight corridor for Seattle industrial centers over the Duwamish Waterway.


The plan for Congress

✘ Ensure the Federal Government is fully invested in the Sound Transit 3 light rail expansion in our region which will deliver a truly regional light rail network throughout the central Puget Sound region.

✘ Fully fund the TIGER Grant and TIFIA Loan programs of the U.S. Department of Transportation and fight for priority projects to receive those funds here in the 7th District.

✘ Develop and secure a long term and sustainable revenue solution to fund the Highway Trust Fund, which serves our nation’s highway and transit systems.