Housing prices continue to skyrocket in the central Puget Sound region. We must work together to solve this crisis so all families can afford to live, work and play in communities of their choosing.

For the past 15 years, Joe has been fighting to ensure affordable housing is accessible to more families and communities that need it most and will continue to deliver when he gets to Congress.

“Sound Transit 3 is a historic opportunity to ease our housing affordability crisis. The action taken by the Board today ensures equitable, affordable homes near rapid transit,” said Board Member and King County Council Chair Joe McDermott. “This effort will help to ensure we are getting the highest and best use of land around transit — and public dollars.” – Seattle Weekly, April 12, 2016


Joe has delivered

✔ King County extended their triple A rated line of credit to the King County Housing Authority which is helping to develop and preserve more than 2,200 affordable housing units throughout the county.

✔ Joe is doubling the proposed King County 2016 investment in transit oriented development to connect mixed-use housing to schools and job centers.

✔ Joe led the work to ensure Sound Transit 3 expansion plan incorporated affordable housing construction in all development around Link Light Rail stations.

The plan for Congress

✘ Protect the Mortgage Interest Deduction and extend the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness to support middle class families in the face of our region’s soaring housing costs.

✘ Expand federal investment in the National Housing Trust Fund to support the construction of affordable housing in communities across the country.

✘ Renew, expand and fully fund the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program to ensure low-income families can access quality affordable housing in their own community.