Climate Change and the Environment

Like no other candidate in this race, Joe McDermott has delivered on reducing carbon emissions and protecting our environment.

Our planet is perilously close to a point of no return, we must take immediate action locally, nationally, and internationally to reduce carbon and gas emissions that are accelerating global warming and climate change.

“Climate change is happening now, not something that might occur in the future. Today’s vote assures that we will have a coordinated plan to continue and accelerate our pollution reduction activities.” – Joe McDermott on the King County Climate Action Plan, May 4, 2015


Joe has delivered

✔ Sponsored and passed Washington’s Clean Car Law, setting vehicle emission standards in our state that match those of California’s, considered the most extensive and robust in the country.

✔ Sponsored and passed legislation to reduce statewide greenhouse gas emissions, setting limits for 2020, 2035 and 2050 to ensure our state would lead the nation to reduce our carbon output.

✔ Saved Maury Island from industrial gravel mining and secured the site as a park to protect sensitive habitat and be enjoyed for generations to come.

✔ Championed the passage of the King County Climate Action plan, hailed by Earth Day founder Dennis Hayes who claimed, “Your plan is the best that I’ve seen. It has bold interim and bold final targets, and it proposes policies that would move the county powerfully in the right direction.”

✔ Worked with King County Council and Puget Sound Regional Council to stop proposed coal and oil trains from travelling through the Pacific Northwest.

✔ Earned a 93% lifetime voting record from Washington Conservation Voters during his ten years in the state legislature.


The plan for Congress

✘ Modernize our energy infrastructure towards clean, renewable and efficient energy.

✘ Pass legislation matching the objectives set out by President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, setting goals to reduce carbon pollution with short, medium and long term goals.

✘ Develop a strong Blue-Green Alliance between labor and the environmental community to ensure a just transition for workers and communities in carbon-intense industries and regions.

✘ Expand and enhance our nation’s transit infrastructure, getting more American’s out of their cars and expand options for all families to get to work and play with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.