Seattle Times: “A super PAC has jumped into the race for retiring U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott’s Seattle-area seat.”

Joe McDermott statement on confirmed Super PAC involvement in 7th Congressional District race

“As the Seattle Times reported today, a Super PAC is spending tens of thousands of dollars to support my opponent in this race.

If we want to make any progress on the important and pressing issues facing our country, from immigration reform to addressing the public health crisis of gun violence – we must enact real campaign finance reform. A crucial part of that work is to get rid of Super PACs and overturn the disastrous Citizens United ruling that opened the floodgates for dark, secret money into our political system like what we’re now seeing flow into this race.

We cannot pick and choose which Super PACs are good and which ones aren’t if we truly care about reforming our broken campaign finance system. It would be hypocritical not to denounce Super PACs with whom we politically agree while denouncing those with whom we disagree.

Yet that is the very hypocrisy we’re seeing from Senator Jayapal in her refusal to show leadership and sign the People’s Pledge rejecting unaccountable political spending in our district, the very same Pledge Senator Elizabeth Warren championed in her race for the Senate in 2012.”

Additional Background:

Super PAC roils congressional race in Washington’s 7th District. “When Joe McDermott (no relation to Jim) in May asked his opponents to join him in signing a “People’s Pledge” to pre-emptively renounce any and all independent spending in Washington’s 7th Congressional District, Pramila Jayapal declined. The pledge requires candidates to donate money from their campaigns to charity if they benefit from outside spending.” [, 7/26/16]

The big news from last night’s debate. “I called on all candidates who have filed to run in the 7th District to set an example for the nation and sign a pledge to the people of our district – reject dark, unaccountable outside spending in this race. This isn’t just talk. I sent a copy of the Washington Seventh Congressional District People’s Pledge to all candidates in the race for their signature, to join mine, right after the debate.” [, 5/26/16]