TV Ad – Our Public Health Crisis

King County Councilmember Joe McDermott today released a television ad outlining the work he has done to protect women’s health services and to address gun violence.

From the first day of his campaign, Councilmember McDermott has made taking on the National Rifle Association (NRA), banning assault weapons and addressing the public health crisis of gun violence a cornerstone of his bid for Washington’s 7th Congressional District.



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Tragically, there have been too many reminders in the past six months of the urgent need for Congress to deliver real results in order to address gun violence in the United States. Since day one of his campaign, McDermott has — in no uncertain terms — identified gun violence as among the most important issues facing our district, and has condemned the NRA for its continued, irresponsible lobbying that has actively opposed any attempt to address this critical public health crisis.

McDermott has a record of delivering real results on public health in Washington state, which sets him apart from the other candidates in this race. Working with Planned Parenthood, Joe successfully fought to keep public health clinics in King County from being shut down while serving as the Budget Chair for the King County Council. As Chair of the King County Board of Health, Joe led the charge to classify gun violence as a public health crisis, adopting a resolution calling on legislators to take action. King County has subsequently developed the “LOK-IT-UP” program to promote the safe storage of firearms — a commonsense, data-driven policy solution to protect families.

Councilmember McDermott is the only candidate in the race with a real track record of leading and delivering results on these important issues and is best positioned to tackle this challenge on his first day in Congress.

Background on Joe McDermott’s record of delivering for women’s health services and fighting to reduce gun violence

Board of Health calls for action to address gun violence. “‘We have a moral obligation to curb gun violence. Every jurisdiction must do what is within its power to keep our communities safe,’ said Metropolitan King County Councilmember Joe McDermott, the chair of the Board of Health.” [, 01/17/2013]

King County Council wisely steps up to save public health, women’s health services. “Hats off to the King County Council for unveiling a proposed 2015-2016 budget this week that keeps the county’s 10 public health clinics open…‘The council recognized the importance of these services, especially maternity support services and the [Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children] that are unique to the county and that others don’t provide,’ said Councilmember Joe McDermott, chair of the Budget and Fiscal Management Committee.” [, 11/13/2014]

Editorial: A good deal for shoppers to keep kids safe from firearms. “With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals flashing before consumers’ eyes, anyone who is around firearms should consider taking advantage of a special deal that Public Health – Seattle and King County has struck with some gun retailers through the end of December. Shoppers can receive 10 to 15 percent off gun-storage devices and lockboxes by mentioning “Public Health” or “LOK-IT-UP” at participating retailers. This is a pragmatic approach to helping solve a public health and safety crisis.” [, 11/26/2015]

King County Council Chair Joe McDermott is running for Congress. “McDermott took a shot at one of Washington, D.C.’s most powerful lobbies in his announcement statement…‘For too long, politicians in Washington, D.C., have kowtowed to the National Rifle Association,” he said. “It is past time that we pass tough background checks, ban military-style assault weapons plaguing our communities and once and for all hold gun manufacturers liable for the over 30,000 deaths they cause in our country every year.’” [, 01/20/2016]