Statement on the Supreme Court’s 4-4 deadlock against immigration protections

Joe McDermott released the following comment today regarding the devastating 4-4 deadlock by the Supreme Court on President Obama’s DAPA executive action:

“The Supreme Court’s deadlock this morning is about mothers and daughters, fathers and sons – it means that hard working families are being torn apart.

Now, more than ever, we must stand with the millions of undocumented, law-abiding people in our country who are simply doing whatever they can to make a better life for themselves and their families. We must decide as a country between love and fear, action and inaction.

These are the real-world consequences that result from partisan gridlock and the professed principles of the far right of the Republican Party, which has hijacked our political—and judicial—process. There should be nine Supreme Court Justices on the bench, right now.

We need change in this country, and it starts by electing leaders from all parties who are committed to a functioning democracy and actually getting things done. As we’ve seen today, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

– Joe McDermott