The big news from last night’s debate

If you watched the KCTS9 & Crosscut debate last night – you know the news.

I called on all candidates who have filed to run in the 7th District to set an example for the nation and sign a pledge to the people of our district – reject dark, unaccountable outside spending in this race. 

This isn’t just talk. I sent a copy of the Washington Seventh Congressional District People’s Pledge to all candidates in the race for their signature, to join mine, right after the debate.

I put the People’s Pledge on the front page of my website – click here to take a look. As my fellow candidates sign the pledge, I’ll be updating my site to make sure voters see who else is willing to send a message against the unaccountable money that has been dividing our politics.

Thank you for your support and your help starting the change we need to overturn Citizens United and get true campaign finance reform delivered for our country.