Proven Progressive Results

We need proven, progressive leadership in Congress to move our country forward with solutions that lift up all Americans. The challenges we face as a country are significant and pressing. With student loan debt and tuition spiraling out of control, higher education is out of reach for millions, gun violence is an urgent public health crisis, our climate is changing at a dangerous and historic pace, and the Citizens United ruling has introduced unprecedented levels of dark, secret money to our political system that has further divided our politics — to name just a few.

We can solve all of these challenges and more with sound, progressive policies. I know this because I’ve done it — here together with all of you for the past 15 years — from the State Legislature to the King County Council.

We’re far ahead of the rest of the country on our work to create a thriving and equitable economy, and I’m ready to take my track record of effective, progressive leadership to Congress so we can show the rest of the country what true progressive solutions can mean for all Americans. I hope you’ll join me in this effort.